My Pitch

I work with CEO’s of medium and large corporations to transform for the digital world and economy.

Digital transformation is not about digitising and optimising what’s currently being done. It is about fundamentally re-thinking the organisation in a digital context of constant disruption.

I specialise in….

  • Digital Strategy. A digital strategy is a core business strategy, not an adjunct to an analogue strategy. Its key theme is agility, and describes the organisation in an agile context, to allow a continuous focus of what is most important for value creation.

  • Digital Operating Models. A digital operating model is the organisation’s engine-room. Its key theme is scalability, and describes the agile capabilities and processes needed to manage continuous and increasing change.

  • Digital Transformation. Digital business transformation is one of the hardest, yet essential, activities an organisation can undertake. Its key themes are to fail fast / learn quickly, and to incubate transformation into smaller and manageable steps.

My Keynotes

I have a passion for sharing through public speaking and keynote presenting. The spoken word hold its own power, and I use it to inspire and energise people and organisations.

My presentations are not regurgitations of the old, but based on the new thinking and doing required for an increasingly changing and disruptive world. I have 4 keynotes that address change and disruption from a different perspectives, which can be tailored in content for both business and individual audiences.

To Disrupt or Be Disrupted

A 45-minute keynote on how to think and act like a disruptor, including my unique 8-step method for sustainable change and disruption. This keynote is very popular at industry events and conferences.

How to Transform from Ordinary to Extraordinary

A 45-minute keynote on how to discover extraordinary and choose it over ordinary, by connecting passion and creativity with life and work. This keynote is very popular with entrepreneur, not-for-profit, and personal development events and conferences.

How to turn Customers into Raving Fans

A 45-minute keynote on how to use values to make heart-based connections with customers, through forums, communities and social media. This keynote is very popular at Customer Experience-related events and conferences.

How to Innovate like Uber

A 45-minute keynote on how to create an innovation culture, to harness the true source of innovation, to create a disruptive business or business model. This keynote is very popular with entrepreneurs and organisations that need to create an innovative and entrepreneurial culture.

My Books

  • In this ground-breaking book, Jesper Lowgren delves into the heart of business and redefines success through an exploration of what creates true value and meaning. Integrating principles from Eastern philosophy into life and business, this book will inspire you to redefine what is possible.
  • In years to come this book will be recognised for the revolutionary ground that is has covered and the lives and businesses it has changed.
    Andrew Griffiths
    Australia’s #1 Small Business Author (11 books, sold in over 50 countries)
  • Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole? Are you ready to explore, not what you know, but what you don’t know? Are you ready to face your full potential? If yes, this book will take you on an extraordinary journey.

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