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Jesper Lowgren is a published author, keynote speaker, member of board of advisors for Enterprise Transformation 2020, and a business & digital transformation thought-leader with Telstra Limited, Australia’s largest telecommunications provider.He is a published author of two books on transformation. Both are available on Amazon.- ON PURPOSE – The Path to Extraordinary Business Transformation. - FROM ORDINARY TO EXTRAORDINARY – How to Re-Imagine Yourself and Re-Define what is Possible.Jesper is Swedish and apologises for any Swenglish creeping into his writing.

Enterprise business transformation is only 26% successful. This is how you succeed!

Digital disruption and enterprise business transformation are hot topics. Most would agree that some level of transformation is needed. And that the need increases as change and disruption accelerate. If the speed of change in the industry accelerates further, we’ll need more transformation. - Jan Frykhammar, CEO Ericsson, 2016 Problems appear when the external rate [...]

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Purpose or Perish: Separating Fact from Fiction

  I have never had a rant. And perhaps this isn't either. But close it. Direct and to the point on something I am passionate about, which is Purpose. Purpose in business is in vogue. Many talk about it. Some provide advice. Only a few understand. The complication is that Purpose has two aspects. One [...]

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To Platform or to Perish. That is the critical CEO question!

I have led transformation projects for 20 years. Across most industries. From the start of the Internet and the WWW to today's digital disruption. And each era between. They all hold one thing in common. New technology. Which drives new behaviour. Which leads to change. Each new technology attracts its early evangelists. Doom and gloom [...]

To Platform or to Perish. That is the critical CEO question!2016-09-20T08:17:51+00:00

Platform Scalability Beyond Reason

Platforms defy reason. We are used to 1:1 relationships in our analogue world. Put so much in and get that much out. But platforms do not operate on a multiplier of 1 but much higher. Put in 1 in and get 100 out. Not by chance or luck, but repeatedly. This is the power of [...]

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Are smart goals unusually dumb?

Everyone knows we need goals. Most of us have one. But is it the right one? And can it be measured? Let's begin with the latter. How to measure goals. Here we have few options, and in reality, only one. The SMART goal-setting framework that originates from the 1980's. SMART goals stand for: Specific – target [...]

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