change leadership

Enterprise business transformation is only 26% successful. This is how you succeed!

Digital disruption and enterprise business transformation are hot topics. Most would agree that some level of transformation is needed. And that the need increases as change and disruption accelerate. If the speed of change in the industry accelerates further, we’ll need more transformation. - Jan Frykhammar, CEO Ericsson, 2016 Problems appear when the external rate [...]

Are smart goals unusually dumb?

Everyone knows we need goals. Most of us have one. But is it the right one? And can it be measured? Let's begin with the latter. How to measure goals. Here we have few options, and in reality, only one. The SMART goal-setting framework that originates from the 1980's. SMART goals stand for: Specific – target [...]

Sun Tzu – The Art of Transformation

The Art of Transformation Sun Tsu is one of the most influential thinkers ever. He is the grandfather of military strategy and created a new genre of strategic thinking and reasoning. About 2,500 years ago. Fast forward to more modern times. Europe in the early 1900's faced a new problem. Large scale wars, leading up [...]

Self-Disruption is Essential to be Agile

Benjamin Franklin said that only death and taxes can be certain. Heraclitus, 2,500 years before him, said that only change is certain. Today, it's more like only increasing change is certain. In addition to death and taxes of course. Change and self-disruption are hard. We know it's needed. But we don't like it (and prefer if others [...]

Eastern Philosophy is your Unique Key to Digital Transformation

The principles of Eastern philosophy is like the digital world. And different to the principles of Western philosophy. In summary, they have little in common. We like to make comparisons. But we cannot compare them. Because they ask and answer different questions of life. Western philosophy appeals to the mind. Eastern philosophy appeals to the heart [...]