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Enterprise business transformation is only 26% successful. This is how you succeed!

Digital disruption and enterprise business transformation are hot topics. Most would agree that some level of transformation is needed. And that the need increases as change and disruption accelerate. If the speed of change in the industry accelerates further, we’ll need more transformation. - Jan Frykhammar, CEO Ericsson, 2016 Problems appear when the external rate [...]

Purpose or Perish: Separating Fact from Fiction

  I have never had a rant. And perhaps this isn't either. But close it. Direct and to the point on something I am passionate about, which is Purpose. Purpose in business is in vogue. Many talk about it. Some provide advice. Only a few understand. The complication is that Purpose has two aspects. One [...]

Change Management is Dead: Long Live Change Leadership

I remember back in the 1990's when I became a project manager. I especially remember my first project management course, in 1991, where the instructor dramatically announced that more than 50% of projects fail. And today, in 2016, not much has changed. CIO magazine reports that the failure rate remains about the same. McKinsey: [...]